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December 14th - 16th 2020

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Materials degradation and its mitigation: Metallic materials

avatar Prof. Ing.- S. Parida Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science
IIT Bombay
  • Bio

    His research is focused on the development of functional coatings and the use of nanomaterials in corrosion prevention. Dr. S. Parida currently working as an Associate Professor Department of metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, IIT Bombay. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Saarland, Germany in engineering science. He was a research associate for four years at the Institute for Nanotechnology (INT), K.I.T, Germany, during which worked on noble metal alloy corrosion and its applications for the development of nonporous metals. Later, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto, Canada. Recipient of DAAD fellowship in his masters, he worked on the bulk metallic glass at IFW Dresden, Germany. He has over fifty publications and over 1200 citations. Till now he has guided five Ph.D. students to graduation, and five more are continuing. He has also guided twenty-five Master’s students till now. He teaches graduates and postgraduate courses on corrosion and electrochemical materials science.

  • Abstract

    Different class of materials are designed for specific applications. Materials are tuned to the required physical, chemical, mechanical, and electrical properties, etc for these applications. However, interactions of the material with the atmosphere determine its life. Such environmental interactions and economic considerations determine the development and use of a given material for the specific environment. The research on the development of materials with novel, advanced properties have been driven by this need. However, at the same time, mitigation strategies have also been developed to prolong life. In this presentation, a brief overview of research development in understanding the degradation modes of metallic materials, its development, and novel mitigation strategies will be discussed. The new perspective, challenges, and the future scope in material degradation and its mitigation, in the light of the metallic material, will be discussed.